Starting Over

By popular demand of at least two or three people and after seeking the advice of someone wiser than myself, I decided to start blogging again. Many of you may have found this blog through my facebook page and are wondering, “What’s with the name? Who’s Wayne Bradley?”  Please see the about page for an explanation, but for further explanation, please consider that I spend most of my time in a country where a follower, particularly a foreigner, taking matters of faith seriously can be a problem.  So, to not cause problems for myself or those close to me, I decided it is best not to use my real name.  I ask that if you leave comments that you respect that and refrain from using my real name, also. In fact, feel free to make up your own name if you want.

When I tried to blog in the past, I had hoped to serve my co-workers, but they were very busy people who did not have a lot of time to read. So, I dropped it since I was very busy as well. Then, through facebook, I began to find old friends and to have contact with people back in the US, and through messages and conversations we began to discuss things.  I enjoy talking and writing about is God and His Word. Some people apparently thought that I occasionally said or wrote some good things and encouraged me to start writing a blog again.  Since writing is something that I enjoy and a great stress reliever for me, I thought it might be a good idea.

One thing that I want to do through this blog is to encourage people to think Biblically. I don’t want to be controversial for the sake of controversy.  In fact, I hope that I never write about a controversy, but I probably will not be able to avoid it on occasion. I don’t want to try to attract people here to join an argument, but I do want people to think. Like everyone though, I sometimes don’t want to think hard: I want to laugh.  For that reason, I call this blog “Musing and Amusing.”

As much as possible and as long as it doesn’t interfere with church, family and my day job, I hope to write post on this blog.  I will share some thoughts that I have based on Scripture and some thoughts that I have about how the Bible applies to life.  You can also expect me to share links to things that I find helpful and perhaps even occasionally to things that irritate me.  I share those because I find it annoying to be irritated alone and hope for others to be irritated alongside me. You may also read my interactions with other things that I have read. And occasionally, I will just share something that I find amusing.

So, when it comes to blogging, I am starting over; and even if only two or three of you are blessed in some way, it will be worth the time.


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