Some reading and viewing for musing and amusing

If you aren’t reading Paul Tripp’s blog, you probably should be.

For musing, Randy Alcorn asks, “If one can be an evangelical Christian, and especially an evangelical pastor or leader, and not believe that an able-minded adult (whether raised Baptist, Lutheran, Muslim, Hindu, agnostic or atheist) must repent of sin and place their faith in Christ in this life in order to go to Heaven, then…what is left that an evangelical must believe to still be an evangelical?”  You can read the complete article here.

While I may not agree with the cure this writer prescribes, I agree with his diagnosis of what ails the economy.

And after those heavy articles, you probably need the amusement of seeing a major news network get it wrong.

And finally, you may want to read about the epic battle of Kevin vs. Satan.

Have a great weekend!


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