Why calling a group of people a brood of vipers makes sense…

Last month, I read Luke 3 during one of my morning devotionals. In verse 7, John’s question struck me. “You brood of vipers, who warned you to flee from the wrath to come?”  It sounds confrontational, and it is.  However, it is not pointless badgering or giving offense without purpose.

By calling the people a brood of vipers, he highlighted their lost condition.  He pointed out their lost and wicked condition. And then, he asked a deeper question.  “Who is warning you to flee God’s wrath?”  John the Baptist must have been an incredible speaker.  Even Herod, though he disliked the message, liked to hear the messenger speak. John could draw a crowd with the power of his speaking, but he knew that only God could call people to repentance.  Every now and then, it is good to plainly say, “Look, you know you’re a sinner.  Is God working in your life?  Is He stirring you to repent and trust Christ as your Lord and Savior?”


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