Are Christians Beautiful?

Are we really beautiful? According to a couple of contemporary Christian songs, we must be. With one of these songs, I don’t have many problems. God does make us beautiful in Christ, but He doesn’t do so for our self-esteem. The other is more blatant with the “let’s feel good about ourselves” theme. The verse has a reference to our being beautiful, and in the chorus, the singer prays that God will show us that we are worth dying for.

Why would I have a problem with that? If we were somehow worthy, we wouldn’t have needed for Jesus to die for us. To suggest that we are worth it diminishes the greatness of God’s love: for while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. The result of His love and grace is beauty, but it is not our beauty. It is His beauty in us and working through us. So whatever beauty we may have as believers in Christ is for His glory alone.


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