My six-year-old’s excuse

Later this morning we leave to take our two oldest children to college.  For the trip, we rented a car that we picked up yesterday.  It has one of those electronic keys.  My six-year-old daughter found the key and asked about it.  I told her it was a key.

“It doesn’t look like a key,” she said.

I turned my back.  Suddenly, from outside, I heard the car horn blaring over and over.  I started toward the window then realized that my daughter had pushed the panic button on the key.  I took the key from her and told her not to push the buttons.

She responded sweetly, “You should have hid it from me.”


One response to “My six-year-old’s excuse

  1. Smart girl! haha..
    Nowadays, kids are very smart 🙂

    Please visit my blog and I would be more than happy if you are willing to share your thought there 🙂

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