SEC Football Week 1

Tonight begins the college football season, which, if it were a movie would be one of those spy thrillers complete with double crosses and back stabbing. What a confusing mess it is. The Big 10 has twelve teams. The Big 12 has 10 teams. Actually the Big 12 is nine teams plus one shouting “Let me out! Let me out!” Meanwhile the PAC 12 demonstrates its academic superiority by demonstrating its ability to count.

But this SEC country, and we really don’t care about all that. All we care about is our conference and our team, and who will represent the SEC in the BCS championship game. It is possible that there will not be a SEC team in the final game, but we are too proud to admit to such a thing.

How will the first week go for SEC teams? Here are my predictions.

Big Games

LSU vs. Oregon—I’ve gone back and forth on this one. It appears for the moment that Oregon will have fewer players ineligible, suspended or arrested than LSU. Still, I think that LSU’s defense can handle Oregon, but I don’t know if what is left of LSU’s offense can score enough. Oregon by 3

Georgia vs. Boise State—It seems that all the experts think that Boise State is the better and most talented team. Conventional wisdom is that Georgia hangs in there until the half or maybe even until the third quarter before Boise State pulls away. If you read the fan blogs, Boise State fans are very confident and they have reason to be. But the Dawg fan in me wants to hope and to believe. My thinking is that Georgia is tougher than conventional wisdom knows and that it comes down to special teams play where Georgia has a considerable advantage. Georgia by 6

Other SEC Games
Mississippi State over Memphis by 24
Kentucky over Western Kentucky by 30
Auburn over Utah State by 42
Alabama over Kent State by 45
Brigham Young over Ole Miss by 10
Tennessee over Montana by 24
Arkansas over Missouri State by 41
Florida over Florida Atlantic by 32
South Carolina over East Carolina by 27
Vanderbilt over Elon by 7

Non-SEC Game of Interest

Or perhaps I should say future SEC game to be. SEC wannabe, Texas A&M, plays Big 12 wannabe, Southern Methodist University. Texas A&M by 28

Non-SEC Upset of the Week: Baylor will win over TCU.


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