Fear of people is…

…a form of idolatry.  The other day, I wrote about how fear of the future and worry are sins.  They show a lack of faith and trust in God’s goodness.  I confessed that I had been very sinful in that area of my life.  As I, with God’s grace, fought that sin, I fell into another–the fear of people.  Fear of people is evident when we desire the praise of others, want to be liked by everyone, or fear letting someone else down.  All those traits are normal human nature in one sense, but for a person under the sin of fearing people more than Go, those traits bind their every action.

As I said, I fell into that sin as well.  I never wanted to be the bearer of bad news. I hungered for the praise of others and found myself taking on more and more so that others would be more and more pleased with me.  I became a slave to others rather than a slave to Christ.  Fear of people is a form of idolatry, but the idol really isn’t other people.  The idol is self.  At the center of the traits that I mentioned above is me with a capital “I”.  A person in this sin tries to please others not for serving other, but rather for receiving their praise.  Often, at its heart, the fear of people is form of selfishness.

The way to kill the sins of fear of the future and fear of people is by grace to replace them with the fear of God.  I will give some thoughts on the fear of God in the near future.


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