Looking for Men Who Set the Church Ablaze

I read a tweet from someone at a college football game this weekend.  It described a man who had spilled beer on the people in front of him and was staggering down the aisle.  The tweet said, “He smelled of beer, sweat and lifelong bachelorhood.”

It is wrong to lump all single men in this generality, but the truth is that too many men, single and married, are failing to be men in the way the Bible describes.  They are the type of irresponsible men that this tweet was about.  Biblical manhood is not defined by our culture.  One part of our culture defines men as either a weak, ignorant side-kicks to smart women or beer-drinking brawlers.  Biblical manhood is very different.  A Biblical is Christ-like. He is strong, but humble.  He is gentle and meek, yet bold in standing against wrong.  He is a servant seeking to meet the needs of others rather than demanding that others serve him.

E.M. Bounds in the last chapter of his book, Power through Prayer, described men who could set the church ablaze.  Such men need six qualities according to Bounds.

  1. Capacity for faith
  2. The ability to pray
  3. The power of thorough consecration
  4. The ability of self littleness
  5. An absolute losing of one’s self in God’s glory
  6. An insatiable yearning and seeking after all the fullness of God

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