SEC football predictions Week 2

I have finally recovered from last week’s Georgia game with Boise State.  Actually, I didn’t let it bother too much–other than the hurry-up offense that was slow because they kept looking at the sideline for audibles and the ugly uniforms that left us saying, “I am so thankful for Maryland.”

Big Games This Week

Mississippi State versus Auburn–Perhaps being played at Auburn should help the Tigers.  However, I just can’t believe a team that barely got by Utah State will overcome the up and coming Bulldogs.  Mississippi State by 7.

Alabama versus Penn State–It is time for Alabama to show itself on the national stage this season.  They will do well.  Alabama by 9.

South Carolina versus Georgia–No matter what people who smell of “beer, sweat and lifelong bachelorhood” may think, I don’t believe that if Georgia loses, that Mark Richt will or should be fired after the game. Sadly, that belief is probably putting more pressure on an already over pressured team.  If Garcia puts together two good games in a row, and he can do it, look for South Carolina to win.  South Carolina by 2. (But I really want it to be Georgia by 6.)

Other SEC games

Kentucky over Central Michigan by 7
Cincinnati over Tennessee by 3
Ole Miss over Southern Illinois by 17
Arkansas over New Mexico by 35
Florida over UAB by 31
Vanderbilt over Connecticut by 3
LSU over Northwestern by 40

Game of Interest

Ouachita Baptist University celebrated its 125 year anniversary earlier this week.  The Division II school opens its football season against East Central Oklahoma this week.  You can’t pick against a school playing in the week of its 125th anniversary.  Ouachita Tigers by…by…I don’t know but by something.

Upset of the Week

I don’t really see a major one this week.  But for the fun of it, I will say BYU over Texas.


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