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Redeemed from shame

In some cultures to shame someone is the worse thing a person can do.  After over a week in a new country, we are still getting used to the way they say things here.  This morning, I got in a taxi to go to an international chain store and said the name as best I could.  The cab driver looked at me and said back to me the name of a part of the city many kilometers from where I wanted to go.  I repeated the name of the store.  After a blank look, he smiled and said the name as they say it here.

Feeling bad for me and concerned that by correcting me he may have caused me shame, he said, “Now, the way you say it in your country is beautiful, but we say it like this.”

I smiled and repeated the word back the way they say it.  He smiled and said, “Good.”

Shame is something most people not just here, but everywhere try to avoid.  We see it in the United States when people don’t take responsibility for their actions, when every team gets a trophy in little league or someone doesn’t tell you that you have something hanging from your nose.

We try to spare ourselves and others from shame.  But only One ever saved us from shame.  Jesus took on the shame of our sin and died in our place.  By faith and trust in Him, we never do not have to suffer the shame of our sin for eternity.  Have you allowed Him to take away your shame?